Holiday Program

We are still doing TAD, QTs and our Sunday quiz thought out the holidays

TAD’s (Tuesday Afternoon Discipleship) is a Bible study group aimed at years 11-12 from 4-5 pm on Tuesday. They are currently going through Mark’s Gospel.

QTs (Quiet Times) is on Wednesday from 3:30-4:30 pm. For our virtual format, this is for years 7-10, and during this meeting, we split into boys and girls for a discussion around a passage from the Bible.

Sunday Youth Quiz is a zoom meeting involving a Kahoot quiz. It is a bit of fun after the Livestream service (Sunday 11 am) plus some time for prayer.

Andrew Vella

Andrew Vella

Youth & Life Group Coordinator

Josh Ward

Josh Ward

Junior Staff Member


We want teenagers to be gripped by the love of God. We want them to know that they are loved by God and for them to be equipped to love and serve Him for the rest of their lives.

In 2021, Josh Ward, our ministry traniee, will be heading up our youth small groups, including QT’s and GRIP, under the supervision of Andrew Vella.

In light of the new lockdown, we will be doing youth via virtual groups. Please click though to see when our groups are running. This list will contunally be updated, so stay tuned.

To help stay connected and to keep thinking about things from a Christian perspective while in lockdown, we have some useful links and resources below.

Submit a prayer request or ask a question


Virtual Groups – We have a number of virtual groups that meet throughout the week. This information is still updating, so please check back again.





St Matts Youth (youthTube) – Our YouTube channel where we have our last lockdown videos and where we will be posting new content for this term.





St.Matts.Youth.Wanniassa – Social distancing doesn’t have to be antisocial! Follow this page for youth videos, bible resources and wholesome memes.





St Matts Youth on Spotify – We have made some playlists for you to chill or to jam to. We also have list of all the songs that we sing at our Friday night meetings.


The Bible app by YouVersion – A useful app for reading or listening to scripture. It has thousands of daily reading plans (in various quality), which you can do in a group. You can highlight the text and put your own comments and even Bible verse images up.




Prayer mate – A great app to help you pray. You can make lists of people or things to pray for and then every day (or even more) it will remind you to pray for your topics and items. Also it has feeds from other ministry’s you can pray for, like OpenDoors.




Katoomba Christian Convention – In this app is a talk library where past KYCK talks (as well as other great talks) can be found.


This Changes Everything – A great book written by a teenager for teenagers connecting how to Gospel changes everything in your life, from relationships, use of time and consumption of media.




Transformed by Truth – Another book written by a teenager for teenagers. This one focuses in on why we should read the Bible and then gives a simple method in how you can read the Bible for all it’s worth.




love riot – This calls teenagers to really live for Jesus, putting aside low expectations and the pull of the world and working on their Christian life, setting up routines and going out and telling others about Jesus.




 A.S.K – There are 52 real world questions from teens all over the world covering a very wide range of issues. Each answer is about two and a half pages long and some could have gone much deeper.




Coronavirus and Christ – A new short free book (also free as audio) about our current situation. It looks at how we can know from God, who God is and it offers six things that God is doing during this pandemic.



Solid Joys Daily devotional with John Piper – You can also find this in any good podcast app. These are short 3-5 minute daily devotions touching on various aspect of the Christian life like doubt, worry, sin as well as focusing on the great Biblical promises we have in God.




CROSS Conferences – Conferences aimed at the missionary minded young person to go into the world and make disciples of all nations. Some will go, some will send but all are called to be part of God’s mission for the world.


The Bible Project – Lots of great clips on every book of the Bible, Biblical themes and Biblical words


Fervr – Loads of Christian youth articles and videos ranging from dating and sex, friends and family, money, Christian living, evanglisms , etc..

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