Our largest weekly gathering for those in High School and College. We meet, hang out, dress up, run around, chill out, and hear from God’s word.

7pm-9pm at St Matt’s Church

On your first Friday Night, we would like to collect your contact details so that we can keep you informed on upcoming events and in case we need to contact a parent/guardian during the activities.


Years 7-9

We play lots of team based games. Sometimes messy, sometimes puzzle solving, sometimes high energy. You just may never know what you are in for until you arrive.


Years 10-12

Some nights the seniors will experience a more relaxed night, usually involving hot chocolates and couches. Other nights both groups will join together for more madness and mayhem.

Term 1 Program

We will be kicking off 2020 by looking at Seven Signs of Jesus from the Gospel of John

street signs of Jesus' signs

More details to come on the nightly activities.


Week Date Topic Junior activity Senior activity
1 7th Feb Sign 1 – Water into wine Old Skool
2 14th Feb Sign 2 – A sick son YouthTube
3 21st Feb Sign 3 – By the pool of Bethesda Sketchy Science Painting like Bob Ross
4 28th Feb Sign 4 – Feeding the masses On the mount
(we will be walking up Mt Oxley)
5 6th March Ben McLure will chat to us about his time as a missionary overseas Where’s Wally Night
We will be at Trinity Christian School this evening
6 13th March Sign 5 – Walking on water Parents vs. Youth
Parents/guardiens are invited to stay for the evening
7 20th March

Sign 6 – A man born blind

We are pausing Friday night this week.
8 27th March Sign 7 – Raising Lazarus Brizzare Bible Bits
9 3rd April The Easter Story from John  
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